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Causes of female infertility

A disease should be understood as a violation of organ function, accompanied by pain, swelling, fever, redness, expressed to one degree or another. Acute inflammation usually begins in the vulva and is the result of infection through sexual intercourse. After a certain period of time, called incubation (depending on the pathogen, it can be from 1 day to several weeks), discharge appears from the urethra and / or vagina. They can have a pus-like, slimy, frothy or cheesy appearance, can be abundant, scanty, observed only in the morning, or, when passing into a chronic form, be episodic. In this case, the patient may be bothered by itching, burning, sometimes pain when urinating or independently of it. Without treatment or with improper treatment, such acute phenomena gradually subside, but the infection is not eliminated, but becomes chronic. Ascending pathogens penetrate the internal genital organs, causing their inflammatory development. Signs of the inflammatory process of the internal genital organs are pain in the lower abdomen, groin, lower back, in men – the testicles, sometimes radiating to the inner thighs.

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